LA Daily News Editorial: To fix ‘unfair’ bail system, will California copy Kentucky?

It’s rare that a California lawmaker seeking a policy model to follow would turn to Kentucky. But with the Legislature on summer recess, that’s precisely what Sen. Bob Hertzberg is doing.

The mission: travel to the Bluegrass state to investigate how Kentucky gets its defendants awaiting trial to show up for court dates and keep them from committing crimes — all without locking them up. Civil rights advocates point to Kentucky as a shining example of reform, and Hertzberg, a Democrat who represents the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys, is convinced California ought to take notice.

He contends California’s use of bail has spun out of control—costing five times the national average, and leaving thousands of poor people behind bars awaiting trial while the rich go free.

“The system is upside down,” Hertzberg says. “It’s unconstitutional, and I think there are people using excessive bail to keep people in jail.”

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Kenny Foster