The Press Enterprise Op-Ed: Bail system will be fairer if California passes this bill

The foundation of the American justice system, we are taught in school, is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

But every day, thousands of Californians who have been arrested — and are presumed innocent — are stuck in jail only because they can’t afford bail. The result is devastating for the individuals, who can end up losing their jobs, their apartments and their cars, which get towed if they are parked on the street, and it creates great turmoil and difficulty for their families.

That’s why we have authored legislation to reform California’s money bail system. Our goal is to eliminate this economic disparity and treat all defendants the same, whether they only have a dime in their pocket or a million-dollar bank account.

Read op-ed by State Senator Robert Hertzberg and Assemblymember Rob Bonta via The Press Enterprise.

Kenny Foster